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Barnfield Federation

327 days, 409 projects that transformed Barnfield

When Luton based Barnfield College sponsored two Academies, to raise ¬£60 million development funding Fatpipe produced a brand for the Federation including Barnfield West Academy and Barnfield South Academy. The rebrand needed to express their new core values and aspirations as one, which resulted in the corporate strapline of “one purpose one team one standard”. Combined with the visual identity of the waving standard or flag logo symbol, this embodies the strategic direction of raising or setting the standards in learning and training. The production of a considerable amount of collateral material was fast tracked to support the momentum of change moving through the Federation. Within 327 days Fatpipe undertook 409 separate projects for Barnfield, all delivered within time, budget and to top quality standard.


Listen to Barnfield College's three radio ads using the player below:

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