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Ceme (The Centre of Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence) was opened as a focal point for skills and knowledge in the Thames Gateway regeneration area in East London, UK. Fatpipe were commissioned to rebrand Ceme ready for its relaunch to local businesses and the local community. After working on the strategy with the CEO and Commercial Director and running internal brainstorming sessions, Fatpipe devised the new identity which was reflective of the futuristic, unique feature of the building - the “Pod” - a 120 seater auditorium. The identity also acknowledges influences in 21st Century product and engineering design. Within 2 months from Fatpipe being commissioned, the new brand was rolled out, with the enthusiastic backing of all the partners and affiliated organisations. Ceme is an example of Fatpipe designing and producing the whole marketing and PR mix in a short timescale.


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